Sunday Scoop #17

It's hard to believe but we are at the end of our summer swim season. Thank you to everyone for your support this year in helping to make it a very successful season for our swimmers and coaches. 


Congratulations to the team for their 4th place finish yesterday at New Holland. Woodridge placed 1st and then Ephrata and Overlook. Like Coach Barb said tonight, it was very close for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th places. The meet results are attached to this email.

Water Polo

Come watch a charity game between the high school and alumni swimmers from Skyline and Overlook as they play a water polo game for the right to display the trophy at their pool for the next year! Wednesday, July 27th at 8pm at Overlook Pool. Admission is $5 for adults and $2 for kids. Rain date is Thursday, July 28th. All proceeds will benefit the Manheim Township Education Foundation.


The mailbox will remain out at Skyline until Sunday, August 7 when the Skyline Pool closes for the season. If you are not attending tonight's banquet, please be sure to stop in at some point in the next two weeks to clean out any remaining items in your mailbox. If you aren't able to get there by August 7, please let us know and arrangements can be made for after that. There will be trophies left in the mailboxes - there are a variety of different ones to choose from this year - if your swimmer didn't get one tonight, please help yourself! (If there aren't any in the mailboxes, just ask a coach)


Attached to this email are the final entries for the League Meet. There have been some changes so please look again for your swimmer. If your swimmer needs to be changed to a different event or pulled out of the meet, please let me know before midnight tonight. Some relays changed - both swimmers not being able to swim and also some swimmers that I missed. We put together our best relays for the League Meet since it is the Championship Meet of the summer. Thanks for your patience and understanding with the relay line-up.          

Relays are on Friday night. Individuals are Saturday morning. I encourage alternates to practice but if there are days that don't work, I understand. Practice this upcoming week is different than the rest of the summer has been. Here are the new times .... 11/12's, 13/14's and opens- 9-10 9/10's and 8 & under 10-10:45 NO SCHEDULED PRACTICE ON FRIDAY but Coach Jack and I can be there if needed. Please let us know if your swimmer would like to get in the water on Friday morning. Coach Barb 

Banquet Photos

I will be posting the photos from tonight on the Google Drive in just a few minutes. You can view and download them here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/LU2r5bBtc5e1VWNU8

I leave for vacation tomorrow so this will most likely be my last communication with you (I bet you're relieved!) If you need anything, you can contact Coach Barb at [email protected] If anything needs to be communicated about Leagues - it will come from either her or Cathy. 

Thank you once again for all your support and kind words this year and your generosity tonight. Enjoy the rest of the summer and Good Luck next weekend All-League swimmers! 


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