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Volunteer Job Descriptions

The success of the swim team is a TEAM effort for both the children and the parents. Parents are essential to the running of swim meets. You will be asked to sign up to help out at the swim meets. Home meets require more volunteers than away meets.

Many jobs require no experience but only a willingness to help. These include: meet set-up and tear-down, working at the concession stand, staging swimmers for their events, timers, runners for timesheets, and filling out ribbons. Other jobs require some training such as scorers, stroke and turn judges, and finish judges. Most jobs during a meet are divided into two shifts. The first shift will begin when the meet starts and last through the end of the backstroke event. The second shift will begin with the breaststroke and end with the freestyle relays.

When arriving at the home meets, volunteers will be asked to check-in with the volunteer coordinator.

Announcer (Home) – 1 or 2 per meet  Reads the names of swimmers in each event along with other public announcements as needed. Also works with Starter/Referee to keep the meet moving quickly and smoothly.

Computer Operator (Home) – 1 or 2 per meet -TRAINING REQ. Works on the computer using the Meet Manager Software. Before the meet, the computer operator will make any necessary changes and will print timing sheets for timers and heat sheets for coaches, officials, and announcers. During the meet, the computer operator will collect timing and finishing sheets from the runners and will compare to the computer for any major discrepancies. At the end of each event, the computer operator will print the results to give to scorers and labels to give to ribbons.

Concessions (Home) – approximately 16 people per meet Help with sales and distribution of meals and snacks. Scheduled in 1-hour increments.

End of Meet Snack (Home) – 1 per meet      Purchases end of meet treat and hands out to swimmers at exit as meet is wrapping up.

Finishing Judge (Home and Away) – 2 per meet - TRAINING     Stands at end of the pool and records the finish order at the end of live heats. Confirms with other team judge and official. Records on the sheet that is collected by the runner. Each judge works ½ of meet.

Head Timer (Home) – 1 or 2 per meet   Runs an extra stopwatch and acts as a back-up to the primary lane timers.

Hospitality (Home) – 1 or 2 per meet   Provides water and checks on any additional needs for officials, coaches, lifeguards, and timers during the meet.

Ribbons (Home) – 4 per meet (2 each half)     Receives labels from the scoring table or fills out ribbons for the top 3 winners of each race. At the end of the meet, gives ribbons to coaches.

Runner (Home) – 4 per meet (2 each half)   Before the meet, takes timing cards from the scoring table to the deck to give to timers. After each race, the runner collects the timing cards from the timers and also the finishing judge slips and returns to the scoring table. One runner does lanes 1-4 and the other runner does lanes 5-8.

Scoring (Home and Away) – 2-3 per meet – SOME TRAINING   Reviews each event, checks the scores, provides other team’s scorers information, checks for meet records, and provides announcer and ribbon table the results.

Set Up and Tear Down (Home) – THE MORE THE BETTER!   Arrive when the pool closes at 4:00 if possible to prepare the pool area for the meet. This includes: installing swim blocks, hanging backstroke flags, setting up tables, running cables and setting up touchpads and sound system, etc. Immediately following the meet, volunteers are needed to tear down everything and store in the shed.

Staging (Home and Away) – 4 per meet (2 each half)   Helps organize swimmers for their heats by getting them lined up in their lanes. Assists with walking younger swimmers to starting deck. Makes sure swimmers have caps and goggles.

Stroke and Turn Judge (Home and Away) – 4 per meet (2 each half) Special Training – Virtual Clinic on June 6   Recognize, disqualify, and notify the starter/head official when illegal strokes or turns have been made. Two are needed per meet from each team.

Timers (Home and Away) – 12-16 per meet (6-8 each half)  Uses a stopwatch to record the time for the swimmer in your assigned lane. There are 2 timers per lane (1 from each team). Timers work ½ meet and switch after backstroke. There is a brief information meeting before the meet begins.

Timing System (Home) – 1-2 per meet TRAINING REQ  Assist in running the Colorado touchpad timing system console. Training/shadowing required for new volunteers. 


Admissions – 2-4 people   Collects admission fees and sells heat sheets at the entrance. Two-four people are needed before and during the beginning of the meet.

Candy-gram Sales – 2-4 people    Sell and deliver Candy-grams during event.

Hot Heat Prize Distributor – 2 people (1 per ½ )  Distribute awards to the winners of “Hot Heats”.

Parking – 2-4 people    Direct parking in the Skyline lot and the lot near the bank. Two-four people are needed before and during the beginning of the meet.

Gift Baskets – 6 people (3 per ½)    Sell tickets and monitor the gift basket area during the meet. 

Thank you for volunteering for our summer swim team.

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