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Volunteer Job Descriptions

As a member of the Skyline Swim Team, every family is expected to volunteer at our home swim meets (including MT Cup). We will also need families to volunteer for at least one away dual meet and/or some invitationals. There are many different volunteer options to help run our swim meets smoothly.


Announcer: Reads the names of the swimmers in each heat as well as making other public announcements as needed throughout the meet. There are usually 2 announcers. Each works for ½ of the meet.

Staging: Helps organize swimmers for their heats by getting them lined up in their lanes. They may also help walk the younger swimmers from the team area to the starting deck. We need stagers for each half of the swim meet.

Stroke/Turn Judge (you must be trained to do this position): Confirms that swimmers meet all stroke and turn rules during their swims. If a swimmer is disqualified, the judge will tell the swimmer what rule was broken. By doing this, the swimmer understands what corrections to make for their future swims. While you are technically not able to “step away” from this post in order to watch your child swim, this position has one of the best views in the house and you are guaranteed to see your swimmer in the water! Both the home and away teams are responsible for providing stroke and turn judges. There are usually 2 judges needed for each meet. Each works ½ of the meet.

Timers: Uses a stopwatch and a plunger provided by the swim team to record a swimmer’s time for each heat. Each lane has 2 timers consisting of one person from each team. The Runners will collect the times from each lane. There is a brief informational meeting before each meet so that the timers know what is expected of them. Each timer is assigned to a lane and will work for ½ of the meet.

Head Timer (backup): Stands behind the block with two stop watches and starts watches for each heat, in case a lane timer’s watch malfunctions. If so, the Back-up Timer will give their watch to the timer so that the timer can get the finish time.

Runner: Takes timing cards from the scoring table to the deck. After each heat or event, the runner will collect the times per lane on the timing cards and run them back to the scoring table. In addition, the runner will need to collect the Finishing judges sheet and take that back to the scoring table too. We need two runners per half.

Finish Judge: Records the finish order of the swimmer. The sheets will be collected by the Runners. Home teams as well as Away teams are responsible for providing a finish judge. There are usually 2 judges needed. Each works ½ of the meet.

Timing System: Assist in running the Colorado touch pad timing system console. Training will be given at the beginning of the season to anyone interested in learning how to use the system.

Scoring: Two job areas for this. One is the Computer operator and One is the Review of Scoring at the table. The first job works on the computer with Meet Manager. Timer sheets will be collected by the runners and brought to the table. 8U & 10U times will be averaged on the computer by inputting both stop watch times. All other times will automatically come through from the Colorado and the scorer will review the times to make sure they look correct. Meet Manager software also computes the score. Once the event is scored, then the Review of scoring job takes over. We typically have one or two at the scoring table reviewing each event, checking the score, providing the other teams scorer the information, checking for meet records and providing the announcer and ribbon table with the event information.

Ribbons: Receives labels from the scoring table and attaches them to the appropriate ribbons. When Labels are unable to be printed, awards volunteers will write appropriate information on the ribbons. Awards volunteers are also responsible for making sure that each team receives their awards at the end of the meet. There are usually 4 volunteers needed per half.

Concessions: Helps with the sales and distribution of snacks and meals at home meets. These are scheduled in one hour increments.

End of Meet Snack: At home meets we provide an end of meet snack as the meet is wrapping up. You are expected to purchase the end of meet treats (usually granola bar, pretzels, some kind of sweet, etc) and hand it out to swimmers only. We typically have about 300 swimmers.


Admissions: Collect admission fees and sell heat sheets at front entrance gate. For Divisionals we will be handing out wristbands as well. All work during warm-ups and the beginning of the meet.

Parking: Direct parking in the Skyline lot, the lot near the bank. You will be working during warm-ups and the beginning of the meet.

Candy-gram Sales: Sell and deliver Candy-Grams during the event. We may have our Lead crew swimmers helping out with the delivery of the candy-grams.

Hot Heat Prize Distributor: Distribute awards to the winners of the “Hot Heats.” We may have our Lead crew swimmers helping out with the Hot heat awards.

Thank you for volunteering for our summer swim team.

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