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Hey Skyline!

We had a great first week of practice and we started the season off with a bang by winning the Conestoga Valley Invitational yesterday! Congratulations to all the swimmers who participated. The results are attached to this email. This email is chock full of information and there are important flyers attached as well. Please be sure to read everything!


Our daily practice schedule is:

13/14 and Opens - 8:30-9:30

11/12 – 9:30-10:30

9/10 – 10:30-11:15

8 and under – 11:00-11:45

If you are not attending practice (for camp or vacation), please let Coach Barb know with a note in her mailbox at the pool or an email. ([email protected])

Urgent request for this week

In preparation for our upcoming home swim meets, we will be setting up and testing our timing system and touchpads during the morning practices this Wednesday, June 16. If you would like to help volunteer on the critical setup and teardown teams this season (who work either before or after the meets, so you’ll never miss your swimmer’s events!), we’ll be going through the entire process from start to finish, so it will be a training session as well! If you can help with setup, we’ll be working from 8:15 am to about 9:15 am, and teardown will start around 11:00 am and be done by noon.


Our new mailboxes will be at the pool on Tuesday. Please be sure to check your family’s mailbox at least once a week.

Swimsuits and Apparel

We have reached out to T&T Swimming for an update on orders. The caps have been delayed due to the large number of orders received from pools across the league. They are expected at the beginning of next week. Once orders are received, they will be brought to the pool for distribution during practice.

We apologize for the delay & appreciate your understanding as our swimming vendors are working hard to help us welcome our summer swim season.

We are also expecting H and L Spiritwear Orders this week as well and hope to distribute them by the end of the week.

Any questions or concerns please reach out to: Kim Romano [email protected]  or Julie Boldizar [email protected]

Chipotle Fundraiser Night

Our swim team fundraiser night at Chipotle is Monday, June 21 from 5-9 PM. The flyer is attached to this email and is also available at the pool during practices this week. There are four ways to support the team when you order Chipotle that night:

  • Show the cashier a digital flyer prior to paying
  • Show the cashier a paper flyer prior to paying
  • Order online and pickup Chipotle for your fundraiser by using the Promo Code JVXEJK3 on the Chipotle app or website. Please note that fundraiser online ordering is only valid through pickup during your fundraiser’s scheduled date, time, and assigned restaurant.
  • Flying flyer-free? Just mention the fundraiser to the cashier prior to paying

What a great way to support the team and you don’t have to cook that night – it’s a double win!

Guppy Gulch

Guppy Gulch is Monday, June 28 this year. The information about Guppy Gulch is also attached to this email. You can check out their website here: https://www.guppygulchcamp.com/info.

If you are attending Guppy Gulch, you will need to complete an online waiver (https://app.waiverforever.com/pending/8b9OQYMPAk1557369868 for adults and https://app.waiverforever.com/pending/FUjqbQV6Xl1556373093 for minors) THEN fill out a registration form for Skyline. This form can be found in a folder labeled Guppy Gulch that can be found in the first mailbox at the pool. You can pay by check (made payable to Skyline Swim Team) or you can pay via credit card on the Swimtopia website. The due date is Wednesday, June 23.

Any questions, please contact Joyous Bethel at [email protected].

Photo Day

Our photographer this year is Paul Jacobs. He will be at the pool on Thursday, June 24 for individual photos in the morning. The age-group photos will take place before the meet against New Holland that evening. Order forms will be in your mailbox later this week. You will bring the forms back on Photo Day.

Volunteering for Dual Meets

Volunteering for our first and second dual meets is NOW OPEN on the Swimtopia website and on the app.

It's super easy to sign up...here's how!

1. Login to skylinesharksswim.org.

2. Choose Meets & Events.

3. Choose the Green "jobsign up" button beside the Dual Meet versus Adamstown and/or Dual Meet versus New Holland

4. Choose name of who you wish to volunteer.

5. Choose job.

6. Hit SAVE.

On the App, you can choose the arrow next to the meet on the bottom of the screen and then choose Job Signup on the next screen. 

You can read a brief “Job Description” for under each category, in the Swim Team Guide, and also here on the website: https://www.skylinesharksswim.org/volunteer-job-descriptions

Please remember that everyone is required to volunteer for at least 1 dual meet. Many jobs require no experience but only a willingness to help. These include: meet set-up and tear-down, working at the concession stand, staging swimmers for their events, timers, runners for timesheets, and filling out ribbons. Other jobs require some training such as scorers, stroke and turn judges, and finish judges. Most jobs during a meet are divided into two shifts. The first shift will begin when the meet starts and last through the end of the backstroke event. The second shift will begin with the breaststroke and end with the freestyle relays. It’s a great way to meet new people too!

Phew…we know that was a lot of information but there is a lot going on right now. So here is a brief recap:

  • Wednesday – Timing system trial set up 8:15-9:15 and tear down 11:30-12
  • Apparel – coming this week
  • Chipotle Fundraiser Night – Monday, June 21, 5-9 PM
  • Guppy Gulch – Monday, June 28
  • Photo Day forms in mailbox this week – Photo Day is Thursday, June 24
  • Volunteering for Adamstown Dual Home Meet is NOW open. Food and supplies donations will open soon. 
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