In the Home Stretch

Good evening! Hope you stayed cool today! 


The photographer dropped the photos off today. They were placed in the mailboxes. 

Divisionals - skip to the next section if you aren't attending

  • Attached is a revised divisional entry (as of July 17)
  • Morning session- 11/12's, 13/14's and the opens - Meet starts at 9 AM - Arrive by 8:15 for Skyline warm up at 8:30-8:45 -Timers meeting starts at 8:30  Timers - Emily Craig, Joyous Bethel, Mark Breslin, Kim Romero, Jackie Wachinski, Sandra Palacios  
  • Afternoon session- 8 & unders and 9/10's - Meet starts at 1:30 PM - Arrive by 12:45 for Skyline warm up at 1-1:15 PM - Timers meeting 1PM Timers: Cari Stoyer, Sol Rodriguez, Kim Bajlovic, Jeanine Bonner, Sam Dommel, Ying Chang
  • Admission -$5, 6 and under free
  • Concession stand, Auntie Anne's food truck, Candygrams

Lancaster Summer Swim League Reminder

The LSSL board sent out an email to teams in the league asking us to send the following reminder: According to LSSL rule IV.D.4. - Only coaches may ask the head official questions about the meet.  If a parent has a concern regarding the meet, they should NOT ask the head official questions about the meet. If they have a concern, they should notify the coach who will then notify the head official if needed.

Banquet - once again you can skip if not attending

  • The doors open at 4PM on Sunday with everyone seated by 4:30
  • If you are not attending the banquet, but would like to come to the awards portion and dancing afterward you can arrive after 5:30. Please email me to let us know if you might do this so we know who to expect. 
  • Adult beverages will be available in the Presidential Room
  • For safety purposes, Skyline Swim Team and families are only permitted in the courtyard and lobby areas of the Eden Resort. Parents/guardians need to know the whereabouts of children at all times. Children 8 and under must be accompanied by an adult to use the restrooms. Please help us this year to monitor your swimmers. Last year, a few board members had to speak to some 10 and under boys about their behavior at the tables. 

Manheim Township Water Polo Cup

Come watch a charity game between the high school and alumni swimmers from Skyline and Overlook as they play a water polo game for the right to display the trophy at their pool for the next year! Wednesday, July 27th at 8pm at Overlook Pool. Admission is $5 for adults and $2 for kids. Rain date is Thursday, July 28th. All proceeds will benefit the Manheim Township Education Foundation.

Good luck to all our swimmers on Saturday! Looks like it's going to be a hot one again - yay (she says sarcastically!) 

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