Tomorrow Night, Photos, and Crockpot

Tomorrow Night 

We still need the following for tomorrow night: 

1 stroke and turn judge - 2nd half

1 finish judge - 2nd half

1 stager - 2nd half

Please reach out if you would be willing and able to do any of these open positions. 


I spoke with the photographer today and he will be bringing me the photos on Thursday morning. I will place them in your family folder. 

Missing Items

No one has responded back yet about the missing crockpot. I am attaching a photo because I brought it home to clean it out. Vicky told me today that her last name (Nguyen) is on the base of the crockpot on the back. If you brought a crockpot on Thursday night, please double check yours this evening. 

While we are at it, now would be a good time to check your child's swim bag to make sure they only have their own clothes, towels, t-shirts, caps, etc. With the end of the season wrapping up, let's try to get the items back to their rightful owners. 

See you tomorrow night at Overlook! Get ready for a good swim meet! 

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